Amina is ONE!


I will never forget the day you came in to our lives. October 28, 2017 at 6:14 pm. At home, with my midwives present, your grandma G, daddy, your big bro, and 8 paramedics. As chaotic as it was, it was so beautiful. Your big brother and your daddy got to cut the cord that connected you and I for 9 months, the cord that fed and nourished you. It was so special. I remember I was convinced until you came out that you would be a boy. I even asked them to check (“she is a little lady” kelsey the midwife said”)


You are a sweet, sassy little lady. I love watching how sweet and caring your big bro is with you, I know he will always watch over you + He will forever protect you. Whenever he hears you crying when you wake up from a nap, he looks at me concerned and yells “MEAN!” then runs to go hug you. He will give you food, toys and he will pat your back if you cough(thinks your choking). I love watching you two. I know the rough play will just toughen you up and you will be a fiery young woman one day.

I love watching you grow…. but please stay little forever, my little bean.








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