How to manage pain & stay positive during labour (without pain medication)

First of all HERE is a small clip from my home birth. It was FAST & chaotic (midwife almost did not make it and paramedics came just incase lol) but so amazing!

Okay so I have been getting a lot of questions regarding this topic mostly from my preggo friends haha “how to manage pain during contractions etc” & I noticed a lot of women are quite nervous for labour because of the “pain” and the fear of the unknown or perhaps fear because their first experience was unbearable or went completely opposite as planned. I was definitely a little more nervous the second time since my first labour & delivery did not go as planned. But my mindset kept me on track! I educated myself even more for this time around & had confidence in my ability to birth my baby AT HOME with my midwives present. I want to share some ways I managed pain during labour & hopefully it will help you mamas!!

1. Your mindset:
This matters THE MOST!!! You have to go into it with a positive mindset.  You CAN do this! Saying or reading positive affirmations to yourself before labour even begins helps IMMENSELY! If all you hear prior to giving birth is how awful & painful it is from others who tell scary stories of birth, this will be embedded into your mind and you will be terrified. You don’t need that negativity in your subconscious before you give birth. Sure, childbirth may not be the easiest thing you have ever done but you CAN do it & it is NOT terrible. Society scares us into thinking birth is so terrible. I know when I was younger and I saw movies scenes of women giving birth, it always scared the crap out of me. I quickly got rid of that anxiety with a lot of support, research & watching a crap load of birth videos.

If this isn’t your first rodeo & you had a negative experience prior to this birth or are wanting to do it without any pain killers this time, I feel you on that and just know you are NOT doomed to have another bad experience & you CAN do it without pain medication(if that is what you want). I had a slightly traumatic hospital birth with my first & my second baby was born at home (obviously no pain medication or interventions, no tearing & recovery was SO much easier). I knew that I did not have to have TWO traumatic births & I knew that I could do it without an epidural. I had it set in my mind that I was going to have the birth I wanted this time. There was nothing and nobody that was going to stop me, haha. Of course, it didn’t happen nice and calm like I had hoped for but it was at home and there were no interventions needed & I managed the pain great.

2. Proper Support System:
You should have a great support system on your side. Your midwives/ doctors whoever is your care provider make sure you have trust in them & you get along with them. Make sure they know your birth plan & that they support your decisions. You may want your partner in the room with you and perhaps your mom or a friend. You may want to hire a doula! Whoever it may be, just make sure they are supportive and the right kind of “energy” you want in the room with you. This helps because they will help you during labour with your needs. A doula will show you different positions to help with the pain & guide you through it all, they will come equipped with all of their knowledge and hopefully eleivate some of your discomfort. They will be there from beginning to end.

Just incase you don’t know what a doula is….

Doula: The word ‘doula‘ — pronounced ‘doo-la’ — is a Greek word meaning ‘woman servant or caregiver’. More recently, it refers to someone who offers emotional and physical support to a woman and her partner before, during and after childbirth. A doula (also known as a birth attendant) believes in ‘mothering the mother’. She enables a woman and her partner to have the most satisfying birth experience possible, from pregnancy and into motherhood. This type of support allows the whole family to relax and enjoy the experience too.

3. Birth Affirmations:
Read them before AND during labour, when you get to the point where you can’t read or talk anymore arrange for someone to read them to you (prior to getting to this point). My favourites were SO simple but helped me A LOT!!!

I read these as I bounced on my birthing ball & when I had a contraction I stared at one of the affirmations on my wall & read it out loud to myself as I focused on my breath. It seriously got me through each contraction. I walked a lot during my labour and if I didn’t have them in front of me I just said it to myself in my head .


Those were a few I had written and posted on my walls.
I stared at them while having contractions & put all my focus onto the affirmation.

4. BREATHE slowly & deeply:
This may sound like common sense but I seriously forgot to BREATHE during my first labour and I held my breath & tensed up. BREATHING slowly and deeply opens & softens your body up. Making an “O” with your mouth and grunting even helps. You will make all sort of primal sounds before you birth your baby, OR you may be one of those silent birthers and be completely quiet haha. Vocal or not, just make sure you don’t forget to breathe, ok babe.

5. Keep moving:
Do not lay on your back during labour. Gravity is your FRIEND. If you walk around or even bounce on your birthing ball during labour this will make your life so much easier. I promise it helps!

6. Trust in your body:
Have confidence in your ability to do this! Know that BIRTH is completely natural & we were MADE to do this! But also know that if things don’t go as planned that is okay, that is nature. Nature does not always go as planned. Try to be open minded but still trusting in your body. Keeping that positive mindset will help you tremendously no matter what kind of birth you have!

What did you use as pain management naturally? What worked for you?
Tell me below in the comments 🙂


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