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Minimalist-ish Christmas

Christmas. What is Christmas? To us, Christmas is a time to give, a time to spend with our loved ones and enjoy the lights, the trees, music and watch our favourite christmas movies on repeat. Oh and of course, the winter markets, the hot cocoa and some gifts! But, in our household we don’t want christmas to be all about gifts.

We don’t want our children to grow up expecting loads of gifts and to become filled with greed. We want our children to appreciate the gifts that they receive and for the gifts to be special and to learn that Christmas is also a time to be generous and a time to give to the less fortunate when you can.

We do the 4 gift rule. “Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read” simple as that. We also make sure to choose gifts that are quality. No junk. No plastic. If we are buying a toy I like to stick to wooden and natural toys. When you don’t have the pressure of buying a ton of gifts you can just buy 4 quality gifts and then you won’t cause anxiety for yourself trying to keep up every year.

Christmas is literally a time where it seems there is always tons of chaos and anxiety. People anxiously running around spending money on gifts. Why? This is insane and I don’t want this to be the case in our house.

We also don’t go nuts with decorations. A tree, some lights, a little plain wreath and maybe a couple things around the house and thats it.

I personally like this approach as it makes christmas WAY less stressful for you, and it can also teach your kids to appreciate what they do get and teach them how to be kind to others by implementing the “giving” part as a tradition and getting them involved too.

Tell me, what is christmas to you?

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