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Must Have List for the New mommy

I have created a list of items that I truly got a lot of use out of & what I would recommend every new mama have on hand.  A lot of moms get excited with their first baby and may go crazy and buy a bunch of crap they do not really need. I swear they make you think you need SO much just for a baby, even this list could probably be downsized if you were really wanting to buy minimal. I am here to hopefully help you Save your money, save from having a cluttered home and just buy what you truly need. That may differ from person to person, but you can pick and choose.

Of course there are basics like onesies/sleepers, baby cloths, socks, burp cloths, swaddles etc. This list below is other items that you may not think of.

For mom:

Reusable Nursing pads – These are good so your leaky milky boobs don’t leak through your top! Def need these!! You can get yours here.

Or if you prefer disposable you can have some of these on hand.

Breast pump – It is good to have a breast pump on hand incase you want dad to bottle feed the baby or you need to run out, also just good to have some frozen milk on hand in case of emergencies. Honestly this one is A MUST have for mamas. I love the Medela pump! I just did one boob at a time & the electric pump does the work for you. You can get one here.

Also make sure you buy some storage bags to store your pumped milk in the freezer. Grab some here.

Nursing pillowThis one is my favourite! This nursing pillow came in handy and got a ton of use. With both of my children. I could do hands free nursing & it gave my back support. Definitely a must have!

Nipple butter – I loved the earth mama nipple butter, you need this for your nipples when you first start breastfeeding they can become dry or cracked, this helps to soothe/heal/protect your nipples while breast feeding, this should subside and improve once you get your latch down, but at first it may hurt, this is a must have for sure. You can purchase yours here!

Haakaa – This is great to place on the other breast while you are nursing on one side. It catches the milk that is leaking from the other side. You can grab one here

Convertible Diaper Bag – Having a functional diaper bag is important! This one I recently just purchased is my favourite. You can’t go wrong with a bag that you can carry on your back or your shoulder, makes “momming” a lot easier. This one comes with a change pad and is water proof.

For baby:

Bouncer – This comes in handy for naps and to let mama get some house work done or take a shower/use the washroom. You can get one here! This is one you can skip if you really want minimal though, but it really comes in handy for times when you need a minute to yourself.

Baby carrier – Baby wearing is the best. I loved my Ergo, I use it a ton. It is handy to let your little one nap while you get house work done, hands free, especially when baby wants to be close to mama, or you have a fussy babe that does not want to be put down. Also helps with bonding & is great for walks. You can get your Ergo here!

Snot sucker – A def must have for mamas!!! When your little one gets a cold or gets congested, it is a god send. I promise you won’t suck any snot in to your mouth haha, they have a filter that blocks anything from going through to your mouth. Grab one here!

Moses Basket – This bassinet is easy to carry around and put baby wherever you need to. If you choose to bed share you may want a bassinet just incase. Honestly, this is one you CAN skip if you see no use for a bassinet.

Baby Bath – I loved the skip hop baby tub. It is nice because you can use it from newborn to 25 lbs. This bath came in handy with both of my children, as sometimes I did not want to bathe with them, but you can skip buying a baby bath if you want to be super minimal and just use the sink or bathe with your baby in the tub. You can buy your baby bath here.

Thermometer – This is important to have on hand to check babies temperature. This one is my favourite because you don’t even need to touch the baby’s skin and you can use it on them when they are sleeping.

So Luxury Coco oat Bath soak – It is natural, gentle & safe for your brand new babes sensitive skin. I have been using it since I had my son and this is all they need. We also sometimes use Bronner’s Baby soap on our kiddos as well.

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