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Natural Teething Remedies

I have gone through two teething babes, well one is in the thick of it right now actually hence why I decided to write this post. She is extra fussy when she is teething & I don’t remember it being THIS bad with my first babe. She refuses to nurse at times and refuses to sleep. She will cry and cry and cry. I know the struggle, trust me. So here I am sharing my favourite “natural” teething remedies!

I personally LOVE the homeopathic Camilia drops! They worked for both of my kiddos & honestly I get anxiety when I don’t have any on hand. I always have to keep them stored in the cupboard, just incase. Especially when I know some teeth may be cutting soon. Life saver.

We also use the amber necklace in our house. We love our crystals and I believe they contain energy & healing properties so I assumed this necklace would do the same. Baltic Amber is meant to act as a natural analgesic, that property is called succinct acid. I notice less drooling & less fussiness when my children wear it.

A wet-frozen cloth. Honestly, hands down. The best for the littles to chew on. Just wet a baby cloth and stick it into a little freezer bag and into the freezer or fridge. The cooling effect helps their sore gums, my children love chewing on frozen cloths.

Clove – Buy some clove sticks and let your babe gnaw on one or you can boil the clove stick in water and dip a cloth into the water after and freeze it then let baby chew on the cool cloth. Helps to naturally numb the gums!

These are my favourite natural teething remedies!

Goodluck mamas

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