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Pablo is TWO!!!


I am sitting here writing this with tears running down my cheek….thinking of the day you were born.
I can still hear your first cry, literally. I can still remember the day like it was yesterday. I remember how scared I was. I remember how nervous I was to pick you up, you felt so tiny and I did not want to hurt you. I remember I barely knew how to change a diaper. I remember your sweet little squishy fuzzy arms, your little face. Your little toes. The coos. The cries. Your first smile. Your eyes looking up at me as we laid next to each other as you nursed, you would crack a smile at me. I remember all of your firsts. I remember the look on your face when I was in labour with your little sister. I am so proud of you little man. You are becoming who are you meant to be. You are a free spirited, smart beautiful soul. I love you so much. You literally saved me. Through you, my son, I was reborn. I am proud of who I am today because of you. I am becoming who I was meant to be.

I am grateful and honoured that I was chosen to be your mama here on earth. I am going to hold you, cuddle you, read to you, teach you, love you, kiss you & be here for you. ALWAYS.


This post is late, but Pablo turned TWO on August 18th!!!
Here are a few of my favourite captures from Pablo’s Birthday Celebrations





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  1. Aweh, he is so precious! Such a cute story, happy late birthday Pablo!

    1. mamasdarlings says:

      Thanks mama!!!

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