Why I am removing my breast implants aka “Toxic bags”

I got my breast implants in 2010. I am not sure why I thought I needed them, but at the time I really wanted them.
I guess I was insecure. Looking back now, I wonder why. My boobs were just fine. I miss my old boobs and if I could rewind I would not do my boobs again. I regret getting them done. In 2012 I went to see a surgeon to have them reduced because they were just too big for me. He said that I should wait until after having kids to do it, because you can’t breastfeed after a lift. Now I completely just want the implants out.

Any who, so back to the reason I am writing this post. I hope I can shed some light on this topic, because I know doctors are not admitting it yet, but breast implants are causing people to become very sick. When I got my implants on June 16th 2010, shortly after I noticed that my glands in my neck became swollen. I went to the doctor and they said “oh you are fine, it is probably just a virus. Your body is fighting off an infection” I felt fine, other than the swollen gland thing… I was so confused. I went to the doctor a million times actually in the span of a few years, I would go frequently. Finally I got some blood work done. Everything seemed fine. Every time I went they just said that it was a cold/virus….So I was “sick” constantly? Because the swollen glands NEVER go away. So finally one doctor mentioned if I was that worried we could do a biopsy. I froze. I was not really up for that. The thought of that terrified me. I was told by one of my teachers at Blanche Macdonald that it was probably just my implants, like my bodies response to the implants. I was like “ok” and just left it alone because I did not want to keep stressing myself out about it.

Ever since I got my implants I have been SO tired. Always. I have super low energy. I thought maybe it was low iron. Nope, my iron was fine at the time. I am just constantly tired. My bones ache sometimes, my muscles ache. Not to mention my back hurts like a mother fucker from the weight of them. I am constantly feeling shitty, ever since I got them. I have soooo many food intolerances & many other symptoms.

Now fast forward to 2016. My friend sent me some info on Breast Implant Illness. She said she is getting her boobs out and she told me to read this & to join this group on facebook. There were over 30,000 women in this group suffering too. I joined. I could not believe the amount of women suffering from their breast implants. I could not believe the amount of women who felt almost 100% better ONCE THEY REMOVED THEM!! I read all of the symptoms of “BII” and holy cow, what do you know!? I had pretty much every symptom on this list, obviously there is no way in saying 100% if it is caused by my implants but I sure hell believe some of it is caused by them. Because I noticed the symptoms right after I got them in.

So yeah, needless to say. I was disgusted. I saw photos of women who removed their implants (saline) and their implants were mouldy inside, gross. I have also seen stories of women getting Cancer from their scar tissue of their implants. Scary. The issue here is, we are putting plastic basically. In to OUR bodies. Our bodies are treating it as a foreign body, so it is constantly fighting itself. That is why some women or majority will have symptoms of an autoimmune disease. Honestly, if you read about the lawsuits online, it will make your stomach turn. It makes me sick thinking I needed these toxic bags to feel good about myself. Now I just feel disgusting and unhealthy. I want nothing more than to remove them.

I was pregnant with my son at the time of first reading all of this & then I had my daughter shortly after. I have to wait 6 months post breastfeeding to get them removed. So I plan to remove them AS SOON AS I CAN!! I am so sick and tired of not feeling my best. I am so tired of feeling tired all the time. I am literally sensitive to EVERY FOOD you can think of. I have horrible gut health. I just want to be healthy again.

I will continue to update you guys as to when I find an explant surgeon in Vancouver.

I want to know, is there anyone else out there who has experienced any of these symptoms and also have implants?!

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