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Why I choose wood over plastic

When I was pregnant with my son I realized that babies are the most vulnerable little creatures and we must be careful with what we use on their skin, feed them & let them play with because let’s be real here… most little ones end up sucking or chewing on their toys especially when they are teething. We want to make sure they are not chewing on something covered in or made of harmful cancer causing chemicals. Plastic is the worst for this.

Here’s the thing. I am not a fan of plastic. Plastic ends up in the dump eventually and is awful for the environment. Plastic toys are a huge enivornmental problem. Those little toys that people throw away and think ahh whatever, they do not decompose so they will be here on earth long after us and even if you give those toys away instead of trashing them, you still are part of the problem because you are supporting this billion dollar main stream toy industry. The more you buy, the more you contribute to the problem. I want to raise conscious children that are aware of these things at a young age so they grow into conscious adults.

I would rather spend a little more on wooden toys that will last forever & that can be passed down generation to generation and not harm our earth or our children.

BUT! You don’t NEED to spend a ton of money to have a “plastic toy free home”. You can buy second hand wooden toys or you can just be very minimal with toys in your household.

We are starting Waldorf preschool this year at home and the Waldorf beliefs are that the children should be surrounded by beautiful toys as it contributes to their wellbeing. Waldorf toys should be made of natural materials, lovingly hand made and be nourishing to the child’s senses.

I want to share a quote by a Waldorf teacher that I loved: “A child is much more likely to feel reverence for a beautiful handcrafted toy and care for it accordingly than he is for a mass-produced plastic toy. As Plato so eloquently recognized, “the most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.” – Sarah Baldwin

Waldorf teachers believe that the children’s toys should be simple and open ended and I honestly love this. I was already set on trying to keep plastic out of our home but now I feel even more inspired.

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