Why I Love Midwives

I want to share how amazing midwives are here in B.C. and I was so delighted with my experience. I was picky with whom I chose to deliver my babies. I searched around and “interviewed” midwives and even one OBGYN before I chose which route I wanted to go. You want to vibe with your care providers, as they will be caring for you(and your baby) for 10 months. I actually went back to the same midwife that I had with my first baby, for my second. My midwives stole my heart and I will forever be going back for as long as I am having babies. I literally cried when it was time to say goodbye after our last 6 week post-partum check up. They truly made a huge impact in my life & how I view birth. I am forever grateful. They taught me so much & I was always excited to go for my check-ups. They never rushed me out of an appointment, they always made sure I felt comfortable. They were very accommodating, which was so nice.

Below here is some info about midwives:

Midwives provide complete care during pregnancy, including regular visits, diagnostic tests, routine blood work, and emotional support. You can call a midwife as soon as you know you are pregnant to request care; you do not need a referral from a doctor.

Midwives are there for you during your birth, no matter when, where, or how long it takes. If necessary, midwives access emergency services and collaborate with other health professionals during birth. For me this made me feel safe & felt all grounds were covered in case of an emergency.

Midwives visit you and your newborn in your own home in the first week after birth. They continue to provide care to you and your newborn for at least six weeks after birth. This was soooo nice! When you have your new baby at home you don’t really want to get out of bed. It is nice to just rest at home.

Midwives work in partnership with you and your loved ones when you are pregnant. They provide support in a non-authoritarian way that respects your needs and experiences. I feel like their bedside manner is amazing. You really establish a relationship with them in a way that I did not ever feel with any other medical professionals. I feel like they take on a mother-like role, or even a sister. I did not feel like just another patient with them. I felt like I made a friend & that they truly cared. They genuinely love their jobs, and you can tell.

Midwives in Canada are autonomous, primary health care providers. They provide comprehensive care to individuals and their newborns during pregnancy, labour, and at least six weeks postpartum.

Midwives believe that every person has the right to be the primary decision maker about their own care. Midwives encourage you to fully participate in the planning of your own care, and care for your newborn. They allow enough time during your visits for meaningful discussion and for your questions to be answered. This is so important because we NEED to know our options, midwives always discuss your options & educate you on every possible outcome etc. I learned ALOT from my midwives. They would spend 1-2 hours with me just answering my questions.

Because midwives work in pairs or small teams, there will almost always be a midwife that you have met who is on call when you have a question, concern, or when labour starts. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I would text or page my midwives if I ever had a concern or question and they were very quick to respond when they were not at another birth. I felt very at ease and comfortable being able to contact them whenever I needed to. Especially if I was really concerned about something!

Midwifery practice is informed by research, evidence-based guidelines, clinical experience and the unique values and needs of those in their care.

Midwives provide care to people in their birth setting of choice. You can plan to give birth at home, in a hospital, at a birth centre, or in a health clinic, depending on what facilities are available in your area. I love the fact that I can choose where I would like to give birth. For me, especially wanting a home birth having the option is amazing!

Midwifery care is amazing & the midwives I have met are all amazing people. I am so grateful to have met them all. I was lucky enough to have 3 of them at my birth, including Kelsey(pictured above with Amina). She delivered Amina on my bed.

Thank you to all of you wonderful midwives out there, delivering baby after baby. I see you! You are amazing.

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